Publicat de: crysenyum | Vineri,noiembrie 27, 2009

The second glance dance

Clock strokes midnight, party’s on
The lights brake down, on and on
Record spins with a tune,
Lonely blues, lonely blues.

The ground moves on a heavy beat
People grinding on their feet,
Bodies moving rushing heat
Poping flava’ extra sweet.

Brace myself before I ask
Took her easy by the hand
Hold her thight against my waist
She’s like fever, dashing mist.

Give a whisper , give a sign
Bring the dirt, make it hurt
You don’t have to worry girl,
Move them curves, ashing swirls.

Just to bring a smoothing smile
Throw a backslash for a while
Do the the most that i can do
Make her happy, i’m a fool!

And if its true now what they say
Caught on you, day by day
Wondering what can i do?
I am always … blaming … You.


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