Publicat de: crysenyum | Vineri,aprilie 9, 2010

The turtle dove fable

Down into the amazon rainforest
Completely from the faded velvet night,
Yielded from the blue skies above
Lives a mellow, curly … turtle dove.

Purified ash-vivid wings
Beak like blooded tulip
Slim and white well shaped bosom
In the darkness, glareing blossom.

With cruel totem eyes
And plumage hold tight,
Rough cobbled legs hold uphigh
Up the ladder to the faithful sky.


The sun rises over the wide spread forest.
We find our little bird scouring the beach for some rays of light.
Dew from the green grass fills her coloured wings . She lives a simple life… in passion…
„In Passion?” you may wonder.  Yesss, the incurable passion for the pink flamingo.

The fierce twelve hour comes along. Sun reaches it’s highest ground.
Suddenly the air waves are chocked with cucu doodles. Animals are terrified, they start to run…they form a stampede!
Out of the jungle’s shadow comes a frightening creature. It’s the monster, the mighty, only … Cock.
He comes near the gentle bird with an erratic crave.

– Top of day my distinguished lady. How do you feel the raging heat?
– Why hello there my good sir. I’m just gasping for some chillin’breeze.
– Well I know a fantastic way to coool off. How about a little flock-to-flock, do some high vocalizing.
– I must refuse your tempting offer, as may refreshing as it seem.
It is spring and my joy flamingo will return from his far-off journey.
I’ve been waiting for a long long time and i can’t risk a contentious issue or a trembling affair.

Wondering off into the feverish horizon the rooster takes out a quick memo:
„Dammmm that cheeky bastard! Flying coast to coast, nest to nest, spreading whole lotta’ seed of happiness…”


Fashioned projecting flick
Inexorable destiny to pick,
Oblige to repress the truthful claim
Serve the fall for the one to blame.

Desperate for the haze illusion
Gone for a sheer conclusion,
Six tropic thunders, six canopy leaves
After flow with six baboon beefs
So what’s the number for this beat?*

Lovely story of the amazon
Discover the world on and on,
Temple of body and space
Tempting cosmos, celestial embrace.

Leo le multumeste fanilor si suporterilor <ultras> pt asteptare si va promite o noua bucatica de „arta” cat de curand!


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